jlink Hello, and welcome to the Javadoc API for JLink.
jlink.example Collections of example programs which demonstrate the usage of JLink and all of its features.
jlink.flowchart This package contains the major components of the JLink library.
jlink.flowchart.chartUI This is where the custom UI for all types of flowchart backgrounds are located.
jlink.flowchart.edgeUI This contains the custom UI for any type of edge that may be used in JLink.
jlink.flowchart.graph Collection of classes to form a model of a graph structure.
jlink.flowchart.graph.layout This package contains all the relevant classes to neatly and simply perform layouts of graphs.
jlink.flowchart.graph.maths maths package that contains algorithms to analyse graph data that may be in the model.
jlink.flowchart.vertexUI This contains all the different types of UI for JLVertex that help it produce flowcharts that conform to ISO 1028, 9001.4, 5807 and IBM X20-8020 flowchart symbols.
jlink.icon Contains all the icons and images for JLink and a class that is capable of delivering images from within a jar file (which is how JLink will be distributed. If you want to make PDF, PNG, server flowcharts over the web, script the JLink libraries or search your charts with indexing, the tools you need will most likely be in here. If you wish to integrate dynamic flowcharting or other types of flowchart related activities into your websites then this is probably the class and package you are after. A collection of tools for end users to make flowcharts on their computer. This will support the writing of several types of file formats to save or print flowcharts from JLink. You want to make flowcharts programmatically but don't know Java? Do you know either Python, Ruby, Groovy, Perl, Javascript or LOLCODE? If you do, then that's great because you can script the JLink flowcharting engine to make flowcharts from scripts! This package will have a collection of utilities to enable searching of your flowcharts with text/regex search capabilities. If you have a server and you want to be able to dynamically create flowcharts and send them to clients from the server, this package will have the tools for you.